Just a heads up that this was migrated from a different site…and thus it originally was posted on Oct 29, 2015

I felt helpless the other day. Word got to me that one of our Bible Camp kids was missing. My heart ached, my mind raced, and there was nothing I could do about it since she was so far away. It was more than that too because I didn’t know where she was last seen except for the fact that it wasn’t anywhere near me. And beyond that there was this whole thing that NOBODY knew where she was. I felt utterly and completely helpless – as did so many others. Nothing to do, nothing to say…the only thing left to do was pray. And pray we did. Word spread on FB, emails, etc. From the state of Washington past Iowa and beyond. And we praise God that she was eventually found safe.

The feeling of helplessness is rather strange…or at least it is for me. To feel so strongly about wanting to help and yet to be unable to do so is simply rather irritating. My emotions run the gamut of just about everything except joy…and I don’t like that. I am a “doer” – always have been. And the last thing I want is to NOT feel joy. Helplessness just seems like a wasted emotion because nothing is getting done from my perspective.

Nothing getting done? Wow…how absolutely wrong of me.

Helplessness is simply the best understanding we have of knowing who we are, who God is, and what He is REALLY good at. It is true that to be helpless is to suffer. It is true that in our helplessness we feel utterly lost. But it is MORE true (or would that be “truer”?) that God is moving, acting, restoring…helping.

The feeling of being helpless teaches us patience and trust in what God is doing.

Paul, in Romans 8:26-27, speaks of how in our helplessness and weakness the Holy Spirit is moving, reading our heart and our mind…interceding through our “wordless groans”. That He is searching our hearts and knows what we need even when we have not the words, the emotions, nor the actions to do anything about it and even speak it. And not only is he searching us but he is acting and guiding.

Helplessness?…not really a truthful word when we understand that God isn’t up there rolling dice upon our lives or throwing darts at a board that has two columns with either “Intervene” or “Ignore” – and depending on what the dice rolls or the dart hits He will act or watch. God doesn’t work that way. We never truly ARE helpless because prayer is one of the most powerful things we can do – especially when we realize the One we’re praying to. God moves, acts, restores, and helps us in all and through all situations. It’s that whole “covenant” and “restoral” thing he did with Christ and his death upon the cross.

Yeah…I’d say God’s pretty active.

I can’t foresee my feelings of “helplessness” ever changing and I don’t think I will ever like it nor will I probably ever accept that it is there. I will still try to act, I know I will still refuse help when I need it (something you could all pray for me on) but I also know that in situations like I explained above – I may be feeling helpless…the person we were concerned about was DEFINITELY feeling helpless…but never once was God Himself helpless. Helplessness is OUR feelings – not his. And we thank him for that.

Just My 2 Cents and Thoughts



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