Oh yeah….

Just a heads up that I wrote this originally on a different website back on April 27, 2014

Recently I had an honest conversation with someone at our church and what it all came down to was the fact that while I cherish Easter and Lent so much…I felt that I did not have the opportunity to experience it this year. And honestly I cannot even remember if I “experienced” it last year either.

I’m not sure what this actually means as I’ve never really heard of missing something without actually missing something. One can “miss the point” which means that you heard the story but just didn’t “get” it (that’s happened WAY TOO many times for me)… a person can be involved with someone/something but daydreaming and “miss” something completely…which begins to teeter upon how I was involved with Easter but “missed” it… but this is still different as I wasn’t daydreaming or off in la-la land during Lent (I was actually heavily involved each week of Lent in many different ways).

I can actually tell you all that happened in those weeks, how I felt, the way the services went, the way the sermons went leading up to Sunday, as well as many other things that happened during Lent and Holy Week – but there was still a “missing it” that happened. And what it came down to was that I “missed” time to sit and reflect. I “missed” the opportunity to do what we are supposed to do with Easter: remember, reflect, and be encouraged.

I need this. I need this more and more with each passing day. I have to have the whole Lenten experience with Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter capping it off. I need time to reflect on Jesus’ call for us to be stewards and servants to each other as well as our friends and neighbors. I need time to reflect on how Christ came not to be served but to serve. I need time to reflect on how Christ took the full brunt of my sins by way of beatings, mockings, crown of thorns, nails in his hands and feet, a spear to the side…and a final breath so that I could actually breathe and live. I need time to reflect on how those faithful followers must of felt that next day after Christ’s death where their whole world seemed utterly lost. I need time to reflect on the hope and joy that happened on that Easter morning when we can say “Christ is Risen” and respond with “He is Risen indeed!” because Christ has indeed risen!

I need time to reflect and remember that I am nothing without his sacrifice. I am nothing without his love. I NEED Easter. I NEED Maundy Thursday. I NEED Good Friday. I NEED Lent…and I need it more and more each day.

As I close out this little blog I start to wonder IF I missed it. IF I missed Easter and all of Lent. And my final thought comes down to a confident:“maybe not”. Maybe not since I was blessed to drink it in each and every day of Lent as I wrestled with texts and sermons, wrestled with songs and reflections, wrestled with where the Spirit was guiding me and leading me to go…I just didn’t realize it.

So maybe I didn’t “miss” it as it was a part of me each and every day (something I am truly grateful for)…but I think next year I need to be more cognizant of the time so I don’t sit back and go “Oh yeah…it was Easter” because Easter by no means was/is an “oh yeah” moment in history.

Just My 2 Cents and thoughts


Pastor Kelly

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