Psalm 8: You want me to do what?


First Off…read Psalm 8!

For me it is really hard to not see contrasting images in this text. From the grandiose to the tiny – and how even in the small there is still this majestic massiveness. The moon and the stars and how huge and vastly complex…and yet the simplicity (in comparison) to us humans. In fact, we have been crowned with glory and honor – rulers over the works of His hands. Here is God, the majestic creator of all things who has intimately used his fingers to place stars and planets in the sky and then created all these immense galaxies that we are only beginning to find and yet do not understand…and those same fingers formed you and me! Not only that but he has asked us TO RULE OVER that which he has created! That is amazingly beautiful and yet frightfully scary!

I all of the sudden feel like the weight of said planets are upon my shoulders! Why God? Why have you asked us (or in this case ME) to take on such a task! Actually – you didn’t ask…we simply were entrusted to do so! I concur with David here when I shout out (as it is in verse 4’s rhetorical question)…WHY! (Or maybe David isn’t asking why and he’s simply amazed…so I will ask for him: WHY!?)

We are unsure where David is at in his age at this point or what is going on when he penned this Psalm – but I cannot help but picture David writing this as he reflects on his youth and all that he has done. I see the shy boy who was a shepherd of sheep. A young man full of compassion and dedication to the Lord…a young man who was a protector and defender at heart! A young man who eventually would run to the front lines of the battle between the Philistines and the Israelites and decide to take on this Philistine giant (Goliath) whom nobody could beat (read 1 Sam 17 for that story)! A young man who would eventually become King. I wonder if at any point in David’s past he ever wondered why God had all this that would happen through him? Why God would use him for such a task. Who pics a shepherd of sheep to lead a nation and people?

So I ask again – why God? The reason is simple – because God cares and loves us. And even MORE so…because God knows us. He created us!

I frequently am amazed at all that God is and does and yet he still asks me to take part in his plan. I am utterly flabbergasted that the maker of heaven and earth asks me, ENTRUSTED me, with the care of his people. Who am I that you are mindful of me? I have a hard enough time taking care of MYSELF and you ask me to take care of others? To watch over them, lead them, guide them, encourage them, teach them, share with them and love them!? If God had called me on my phone to tell me this I’m pretty sure I’d hang up thinking it was a prank call or He had simply called the wrong number!

But that’s just it – isn’t it? God absolutely knows what he is doing and has invited us into the care of his world. God has intimate knowledge of you and me and has blessed us with gifts and attributes that are to be used to care for his kingdom, his people, his animals, his world. Everything and anything in it. If you are in it, if you are in this world…then you are stewards of it.

I don’t think this psalm is meant to overwhelm, as can be felt, but instead, it invites us to marvel at the immensity and yet intimacy God has with us. And if you’re anything like me this then becomes compounded when we remember that this same majestic vastly-powerful God then entered into our lives later through that line of David and came to earth as a human – with the sole purpose of dying for you and me. I don’t think there is anything more intimate that could ever have been done.

So for me, this begs the question: God has entrusted you with gifts…how are you using them in His Kingdom for His purposes?

Doh! I’m over my 700 word limit…and these additional words are not helping…I should simply stop. OK I’m stopping…742 now…wait, 745 now…

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