Swallowing that pill…

Just a heads up that this was migrated from a different site…and thus it originally was posted on Sept 5, 2016 Church the other day was a battle for me. OK, to be more exact – it wasn’t church but it was the sermon itself…which is ironic because preaching isn’t something someone forces on me – it’s what God has called me to do. So … Continue reading Swallowing that pill…

Psalm 5: A Tale of Two Paths

First Off….read Psalm 5! I don’t know about you, but I am not very good at listening to people moan, whine, and complain. I just don’t want to hear it. I am a “do something about it” type of person. You have a problem…then respond! Take some action. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. That’s easier said than done sometimes – and we know that. What do … Continue reading Psalm 5: A Tale of Two Paths

Psalm 4: Maintaining Focus in the Midst of a Storm

First Off….read Psalm 4! When I was learning to ride a motorcycle the instructors told us that when we ride we are to LOOK at where we are wanting to go. The reasoning behind this is because our body will naturally follow where our head and gaze are focused. I am absolutely unsure why this happens but for some reason, it makes sense to me. … Continue reading Psalm 4: Maintaining Focus in the Midst of a Storm

Psalm 3: A Fleeing Petition

First Off….read Psalm 3! David’s son Absalom is vying for the crown…which means he’s looking to get rid of the current king…his father. So David is on the run, fleeing from his enemies, fleeing from his courts, fleeing from his son, fleeing from his home. And while on the run he calls out to God for help. On the run, when people said God would … Continue reading Psalm 3: A Fleeing Petition

Psalm 2: Kingdom Battle

First Off….read Psalm 2! Psalm 2…is a really difficult application text because it’s not a lament or confessional psalm…it’s a “coronation psalm” that was used for kings back in the day. It’s an exhortation (an urging by someone) on how a king should act – ESPECIALLY in light of the Covenant given by God (that HE alone is in charge). We must remember that the … Continue reading Psalm 2: Kingdom Battle