Psalm 12: Holy Words & Holy Tongues

First Off…read Psalm 12! I find it interesting, almost IRONIC that this psalm is coming up now. In 13 days we will be heading to the polls and finding out who our next President will be. In 13 days we will hopefully have taken in all that was given to us via TV and radio commercials, mail flyers, email spam, news reports, mass-produced phone call … Continue reading Psalm 12: Holy Words & Holy Tongues

Psalm 11: And Here I Shall Wait…

First Off…read Psalm 11! The opening sentence sets the stage for the rest of this short psalm. “In the Lord I take refuge.” Game. Set. Match…I win. Have you ever had a conversation with yourself? A few years ago I was asked to climb Long’s Peak in Colorado with a buddy. A few hours into the hike it really began to get painfully difficult. I … Continue reading Psalm 11: And Here I Shall Wait…

Psalm 10: Waiting for God’s Response

First Off…read Psalm 10! When bad people are being “bad” the last thing we want is for them to appear to be thriving in their badness. So why is it that often times bad people have their ways “prosper” where the good people do not? Why is it that even through their lies and threats and vulgarity they still seem to have the “Midas Touch”? … Continue reading Psalm 10: Waiting for God’s Response

Psalm 9: A Psalm of Refugeness

First Off…read Psalm 9! Wow…there is a lot here and I’ve limited myself to 750 words? Doh! First off this psalm is most definitely a psalm of praise and thanksgiving. But it’s very specific in its praise and thanksgiving in that the psalmist is praising God for his VINDICATION. For his being proved “right” in the sight of those who oppress him, those who desire … Continue reading Psalm 9: A Psalm of Refugeness

A Little Bible 101

As with anything in life, lessons learned and takeaways obtained come from experience. Sometimes experience is obtained through many different trials and errors (like riding a bike), sometimes experience is gained through years and years of practice (like playing the piano) and sometimes experience just smacks you upside the head. I got smacked. Let me first say that I had fully known already the lesson … Continue reading A Little Bible 101