Psalm 12: Holy Words & Holy Tongues


First Off…read Psalm 12!

I find it interesting, almost IRONIC that this psalm is coming up now. In 13 days we will be heading to the polls and finding out who our next President will be. In 13 days we will hopefully have taken in all that was given to us via TV and radio commercials, mail flyers, email spam, news reports, mass-produced phone call recordings, and even television debates. Somewhere, in all that was said by Trump and Hillary…is the truth. The problem is that it’s deep in there. The problem is that one must wade through dirt and grime to find, see, and hear, what one really believes. The problem is that “no one is faithful anymore”… “everyone lies to their neighbor” … “everyone flatters each other with their lips”… “every person harbors deception in their hearts.”

Trump does…Hillary does…you do…as well as me.

We tell people lies, we tell them what they want to hear or telling them whatever is needed so that we can save face or get a leg-up on the competition. The corporate-world so often preys on the weak, then oppresses them because…well…they’re weak and why not!? The problem is obvious – this goes against everything we believe in how we are to treat each other. The problem, obviously, is that so many people simply do not care.

The psalmist is abhorred by this. How could people be this way? How could people treat others this way? I picture her walking down the street and seeing all this pain and suffering and then behind them are the swindlers and the people who have hurt others. I see the man bold-face lying to his neighbor about something he did to him, maybe a word spoken about him to someone else that was hurtful…I picture people spreading rumors while others say whatever is needed to someone in front of them – all the while their heart slowly turns to stone with hatred.

Who cares about the man and woman suffering in pain – being taken by swindlers!? There are plenty of people who have lots and give lots…they’ll be taken care of, right? Who cares if the neighbor stole something or hurt his neighbor…it’s not like they have to be friends! Plus, the neighbor can easily replace what was taken or work and dispel the rumor given! And actually, who cares about rumors or telling lies – all of those can be fixed. Plus…it’s only words! Right?

I remember Thumper, from Bambi, saying, “If you can’t say nuth’n nice, don’t say nuth’n at all.” And while that’s true…the problem is that NOT saying something is bad. And saying something nice when you don’t mean it or believe it…is bad as well. The problem with all of this is that no matter what our words are used to hurt and break down. Our lips flap, our tongue gets going, and everyone needs to just watch out because it’s me against the world!

The problem…is that our words need to speak of truth. Our words need to speak for our heart…and unfortunately it does and it doesn’t. But this psalm isn’t a lesson in who we OUGHT to be…it’s a reminder of who God is!

God’s words are right and true and flawless. God’s words are like “purified silver and gold”. God’s word spoken and done. He doesn’t go back on his word nor does he contradict what he says. Where we use words to get what we want – God uses words to help those in need. We lie, cheat, and steal with our words…God speaks truth, loves, and gives by his.

The “human race” has become vile and corrupt…but God says that he will fix it. He says that he will redeem us (Isaiah 43:1; 47:4; Col 1:13-14; Luke 1:68, Romans 3:23-24) and restore us once more. Restoring us from sin, restoring us from each other, restoring us from ourselves.

This psalm not only becomes a reminder of those around us – but it should remind us of ourselves and the destruction WE TOO can cause when we put “me” before “you”. This psalm serves as a prayer, a petition, a reminder, as well as call to action that God has placed us here on his earth, in His Kingdom, to BE his heart and hands and feet…as well as his lips. So may His words freely come from our lips. And may our lips clearly speak of our heart…which beats for Him.

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