Psalm 17: Seeing God…Tomorrow

First Off…read Psalm 17! Psalm 17 is, in a lot of ways, very similar to 16. In both psalms the writer feels the pressure of enemies, feels their anger and their hatred and seeks out God’s hand to deliver and protect. But what’s different about Psalm 17 is that where Psalm 16 speaks of all of this BEGINNING to happen – Psalm 17 is a … Continue reading Psalm 17: Seeing God…Tomorrow

Psalm 16: All In…or Nothing At All

First Off…read Psalm 16! Can you be “safe” hiding behind a rock all while leaving a part of you exposed – even just a little part showing? We’re unclear exactly what is happening in Psalm 16 – but verse 1 is really the summary of the whole 11 verses. David seeks refuge in God. David declares that it is only in Yahweh that safety is … Continue reading Psalm 16: All In…or Nothing At All

Psalm 15: We Simply Ain’t Enough

First Off…read Psalm 15! Psalm 15 is an interesting one. It starts off with a question, a rather simple one of asking: “Who can dwell where you dwell?” Who can live where you live? Who can be in your presence day and night? And while this may seem like a simple question – those who know God know that that answer is not easy. Well … Continue reading Psalm 15: We Simply Ain’t Enough

Psalm 14: Foolish Ways

First Off…read Psalm 14! As with all things, when we read scripture we must try and take in all that is being said (and usually there is a lot). Drawing in context, not allowing “feelings” to get in the way of the intentionality of the text and so forth. Really it’s a matter of simply allowing the text to speak and TEACH us something…or REMIND … Continue reading Psalm 14: Foolish Ways

Psalm 13: The Wrestling Mind

First Off…read Psalm 13! When I read this psalm I personally am drawn to the opening 2 verses. This feeling of pain and sorrow and confusion…longing for the Lord to answer, respond…DO SOMETHING! And because they are waiting without a response – the worst thing happens: their mind begins to wander and go to assumptions. They begin wrestling with their own thoughts, their imagination, their … Continue reading Psalm 13: The Wrestling Mind