Psalm 15: We Simply Ain’t Enough


First Off…read Psalm 15!

Psalm 15 is an interesting one. It starts off with a question, a rather simple one of asking: “Who can dwell where you dwell?” Who can live where you live? Who can be in your presence day and night? And while this may seem like a simple question – those who know God know that that answer is not easy. Well it is…but it isn’t. The answer is simply “nobody.” None of us can. And the reason is simple: look through verses 2-5a and if you can answer “yes…that is me!” then you’re in! But here’s the thing…you can’t just answer “yes” to one of them – you must affirm and do them all. And not just once or periodically…but always. Forever.

Speaking truth from the heart – that’s easy…and we are good at honoring those who fear the Lord…I never lend money and expect any interest…nor have I ever taken a bribe. So I’m good there! And I’d say if you’re anything like me then maintaining your word, an oath, even when it hurts is maybe like 85-90% of the time. And then…there’s the rest…

Blameless? Nope.

Do what is righteous? Most of the time???

No slander on the tongue? Oh boy….is it getting hot in here…I’m feeling a little uncomfortable…

Doesn’t wrong their neighbor..? I haven’t today…does that count? Probably not.

The question pondered by David is a spiritual one. Who can visit you God where you live? Who can be a guest in your house? Who can come to your table and simply hang out with you? Who is holy enough, good enough, right enough?

No one. Not one. Not even David. Nor you and I – not on our own at least.

I’ve always been good at being kind and considerate to people regardless of who they are or are not. I can remember clearly as a kid (6th grade to be exact) playing football with a bunch of my friends at lunch recess and there was one kid who was playing with us (I’ll call him “Scott” – even though that is not his name). Anyway, Scott had some mental limitations and I clearly remember him being so emotionally charged and angry that he kind of lost it…and all my friends circled around him and started making fun of him – which of course made it worse for Scott. So I broke up the group, calmed Scott down and got him away from them. And I share this with you not to pat myself on the back or to toot my own horn but for you, and me, to understand that this isn’t enough. Actually…this is to be expected. We SHOULD do this. Every day to every single person we meet. And here’s the thing…even this…isn’t enough. We must be holy and good and righteous all the time. Simply because this is me being “kind” to my neighbor NOW – what was I like to others earlier? Probably not as good and kind.

There is no way around it – we should not, and CAN NOT, approach God’s sanctuary. We cannot dwell with him or come near him or even be a guest of his. We are incapable because we are full of sin and He is not…thus he cannot be around that which is not holy. But the beauty of all of this is that when we understand that…we understand the impact of Christ so much more.

Christ came to US so that we could come to HIM (John 3:17). Christ came to earth so that he could cleanse us from our sins SO THAT we could be united with him and God and the Holy Spirit when our time on this earth is up. Everything Christ did was so that we, and this world (God’s Kingdom) would be restored to what it once was. When people would be blameless and righteous, when people would speak truth with a reverent tongues. When nobody would despise or hurt or even HURT others.


Plainly put, God worked everything to make it so we could be with him in his presence. Through Christ who allowed his blood to be poured out when he died for our sins and through the Holy Spirit who took his place here on earth and fills us up TO SPEAK AND ACT in love since we are incapable of doing it. Through those two we are given a way into God’s presence (through Christ) and daily sanctified and slowly made holy by the daily work of the Holy Spirit.

But, until then, we must understand that this is where we will BE…here on earth…and so we ain’t where we need to be yet. And since we ain’t there yet we got some love’n to give to people here until then. So walk blamelessly as best as you can. Love as much as you can to all people regardless of class, creed, color, or belief. For he and she that do these things will NOT be shaken. And those that DO these things…are doing so because they are filled with the Spirit of God and are BEING godly children.

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