Life….Today and Tomorrow

I find myself lately talking to people about what I feel is the “meaning of life.” And while I hold firm on what I think that is I am beginning to wonder if there is a “challenge” to the meaning of life as well. 

To me, the meaning of life is the greatest commandment…which is to “love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind” (Matthew 22:36-40)… but the piggy-backing meaning to life is to serve others and love them before yourself (the verse above speaks of this as well). I truly feel that these two combine to give meaning to life. We were not created for us but for Him in order that we may love and serve him and then  to do so to others as well as Christ has done unto us. And understanding that when we serve others we are in fact serving Him as well. (Luke 10:2537)

But I’m beginning to see that with that understanding there is a challenge to us as well. Our challenge is to do so in all we say and do

Let me explain. 

If I declare that God is in all and everywhere (Psalm 139:7-12), and that there is no part of this world and universe that is not His (Psalm 24:1)… then I need to understand that everything I do needs to be to God’s glory (Col 3:17). But what strikes me is that I MUST SEE that glory every day. I must acknowledge that glory every day. I must LIVE into that glory every day.

My mornings with my wife and kids… to His glory. 

Trying to get my kids off to school when I see we are getting behind in schedule… to His glory. 

Dealing with long lines and impatient people at Starbucks… my response must be to God’s glory. 

Shoveling snow? To His glory.

Taking a test? To His glory. 

Wrestling with my son and daughter? To His glory.

Everything we do and say must be filtered through our faith lens…through our God-lense… because all we have has been given to us by the Creator of it all. We must realize that all is God’s and that all we do and say is in direct response to all He says and does and did. 

So I guess this now becomes a challenge for me and those reading this… to look through each day, each interaction, each response, each conversation, each thought, each action and ask yourself: Am I glorifying God in how I am doing this? In this interaction, with this person…am I glorifying God and giving thanks and showing that gratitude?

If you are anything like me…more often then not you aren’t thinking that….and unfortunately lots of times I’m not doing it very well either.

I got some work to do….

Just My 2 Cents and Thoughts

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