Psalm 30: An AUTHENTIC Call to Praise

First Off…read Psalm 30! Like so many psalms before it (and even after it) Psalm 30 is simply a psalm of praise – and we see that as this exaltation feeling is not only at the beginning and the end – but also in the middle and everywhere else. And if your Bible is anything like mine then under the title “Psalm 30” you also … Continue reading Psalm 30: An AUTHENTIC Call to Praise

Psalm 29: Standing in Awe

First Off…read Psalm 29! Since moving to Iowa about 5 years ago we have come to truly see the beauty of lightning and thunderstorms. Where is back in Washington the lightning storms would crack and it would be one whip of lightning (maybe a few with it)…out here in the Midwest you fully understand, see, hear, and feel what they call “sheets” of lightning. Lightning … Continue reading Psalm 29: Standing in Awe

Psalm 28: Fighting Hypocrisy

First Off…read Psalm 28! Our psalm today is one that is typically seen as a “partner” with Psalm 26. Where Psalm 26 is more of a proclamation as to the differences between those who proclaim and live by the Lord and those who do not – Psalm 28 finds the writer IN THE MIDST of either danger or being surrounded by evil-doers. This psalm is … Continue reading Psalm 28: Fighting Hypocrisy

Psalm 27: Fighting Fear with Truth

First Off…read Psalm 27! As I read this psalm I cannot help but picture fear. So many times, within the psalms, we get a picture of what the whole psalm is about simply by the first couple of lines…and in this text we are told that darkness and death are fearful…weakness in one’s life by oppression and harm from others: fearful. But how can one … Continue reading Psalm 27: Fighting Fear with Truth