Psalm 29: Standing in Awe

First Off…read Psalm 29!


Since moving to Iowa about 5 years ago we have come to truly see the beauty of lightning and thunderstorms. Where is back in Washington the lightning storms would crack and it would be one whip of lightning (maybe a few with it)…out here in the Midwest you fully understand, see, hear, and feel what they call “sheets” of lightning. Lightning that not only lights up the whole sky but comes as a wave of numerous lightning bursts. And the power. WOW. The house-shaking power is unexplainable. You almost feel the power shake inside you. It’s phenomenal.

David may or may not be experiencing sheets of lightning (not sure the types they have or had out there)…but he is experiencing the power and might of the God who controls all things…weather included. And as David stands and watches this thunderstorm roll in…he is lost in its beauty, power, and strength. Not the strength of the lightening but the strength of the God who controls it. And he is so moved by it that he calls upon the angels to praise God (as well as all those people that might have been with him…and maybe even scared at this magnificent storm).

I think this is something we all do quite often. We watch and stand in awe as a lightning storm cuts across our town. We see the power of the waves crashing against the rocks. We see how the rain can erode the land as well as the wind as it strips away layers of rock. All these things are part of what we call the “natural” world. Things that happen that are outside of our control…but not outside of God’s.

Back in Psalm 19 (you can find that blog here) we learn that the God of the universe, the God of the expanse, the God of all things that are great and beyond us is also the God of the Word. It’s understanding that this all-powerful God of these great and magnificent LARGE things…is also the God of our small things.

The God who seems to be beyond me…is also the God that draws near me.

Think about that for a second. The God who created the heavens and the earth (Gen 1:1) is also the God who created you (Gen 1:27). The majestic God of all things who cares for the mightiest of things…cares for even you! The God who created the mountains is also the God who put the tiniest of hairs on my bald head. The God who created the different universes (and at this point we don’t know how many there are) is the same God who created the quark and even smaller things yet to be discovered.

No wonder David found himself praising God as he saw the storm rolling in! No wonder he tried to calm (possibly) any people that were around him that may have been terrified about what they saw, felt, and heard. No wonder he calls upon even the angels to give glory to God!

It makes sense…because when you understand fully who God is, what He is capable of doing, what He DOES do AND WHAT HE HAS DONE FOR YOU…then your natural response is going to be worship and praise Him.

The God of the universe is the God who entered into humanity, as a babe, to save it from sin and itself. The God who speaks and has his voice shatter trees and shakes deserts and causes ox and lambs to leap…who is enthroned on high and is King forever is the very same King who left his throne next to the Father and humiliated himself…setting aside (temporarily) his power and majesty – humbling himself so that WE could be restored. Coming to US instead of requiring US to come to HIM.

What King sacrifices himself for his people? Only one: God.

I am utterly lost for words. Where David found words to call out praise for the work of God…I too think about the work of God and it puts me at the inability to speak. Honestly – I don’t even know what else to type because no words can express my gratitude and humility for who He is and what He COULD have done…and CHOOSES to do instead.

And maybe that’s where we need to be at. Awe-struck by his power. Grateful for his might. Humbled for his desire to even do something about his sin-ravaged people. A God so powerful so “above” all things…still desires you and me. Still desires to give us an ever-lasting peace (vs 11).

Maybe next time I see one of these beautifully intense lightning storms I’ll take a page from David and call out how majestic He is, how strong He is, and how blessed I am that He calls me his own and has blessed his people with eternal peace.

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