Psalm 37: Present VS Future

First Off…read Psalm 37. Our psalm today is a continuation in thought from Psalm 36 (you can find my previous blog on psalm 36 here) as they both speak about those who seek God and those who do not. And a constant “theme” throughout both of these psalms is one on the difference between the “wicked” and the “righteous”. 15 different times we see “wicked” … Continue reading Psalm 37: Present VS Future

Psalm 36: God-Minded Actions

First Off…read Psalm 36. I’m struck by verses 2 through 4. They stand out not only because they are so drastically different than the other 9 verses…but where 6 of them speak to who God is (verses 5-10) verses 2-4 speak of how good people THINK they are. And the psalmist doesn’t pull any punches here. She simply responds to what she sees, hears, and … Continue reading Psalm 36: God-Minded Actions

Golgotha and the Empty Tomb

This Lenten season has me thinking quite a bit about grief and pain. Maybe it’s because of the fact that Good Friday stands before us. Maybe it’s because the congregation I serve has had 5 funerals in less than a year. Maybe it’s because there are wounds and pains that I personally am still grieving from months and years ago. Maybe it’s simply all of … Continue reading Golgotha and the Empty Tomb

Psalm 35: Praying for Persecutors

First Off…read Psalm 35! This psalm is broken up into 3 sections or parts (1-10; 11-18; 19-28) with each part moving closer along in the lament as to what is happening and the request for God to deliver the author from such hate. The reason? It’s simply not justified. The words and actions of those surrounding the author are without cause (and in this case … Continue reading Psalm 35: Praying for Persecutors

Psalm 34: A Long Life Lived

First Off…read Psalm 34. If your Bible is like mine, you’ll see some text just below the title “Psalm 34” that reads something to the effect of, “Psalm of David. When he pretended to be insane before Abimelek, who drove him away, and he left.” What in the world? David pretended to be insane? It’s funny how we can miss some things. 1 Sam 21:11-14 … Continue reading Psalm 34: A Long Life Lived