Golgotha and the Empty Tomb

This Lenten season has me thinking quite a bit about grief and pain. Maybe it’s because of the fact that Good Friday stands before us. Maybe it’s because the congregation I serve has had 5 funerals in less than a year. Maybe it’s because there are wounds and pains that I personally am still grieving from months and years ago.

Maybe it’s simply all of those and much more.


The fact of the matter is that for some people this coming Easter is going to be painful. How does one celebrate life and resurrection and hope when pain and grief is still so strong? As Kenneth Haugk states, “Very often the world looks less like Easter and more like Good Friday. Rather than resurrection and rebirth, hurting people may be experiencing the darkness of a personal Golgotha.”

And here is where I find me… and you. Even at Christ’s Golgotha he had people staying with him. Praying for him…and crying with him. Jesus didn’t need them to take it away, he simply needed them to be present. He needed their tears… he needed their prayers.

THAT simply is where we are called to be until off the cross and peering into the empty tomb the grieving person walks.  How long till that happens for them? One simply cannot say. And guess what…it doesn’t matter. Because whether it takes a week or a lifetime… the tomb is still empty regardless of where we are at.

Just My 2 Cents

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