Living Today for Tomorrow isn’t Promised?

The other day, as I was taking our 12-year-old son to school, he made the comment (and forgive me for not remembering the context) we “live today like there is no tomorrow.” And I agreed with him on that…but then was simply taken aback. Why? What does that even mean?

We have numerous sayings that are similar to this and as I shuffled through them (which there are a lot)…I was struck how they all were simply either about me and doing things FOR me since I may not be able to do them tomorrow…or they were about doing things today BECAUSE we are not promised tomorrow.

Maybe it’s just me, but both of these types of sayings seem absolutely wrong.

I don’t love more today because I might not love tomorrow. As a Christian, I don’t give today and serve today because I am trying to store up funds of “good acts” into my heavenly bank account. I simply don’t do things today for fear that I may not do them tomorrow. Likewise, neither should we live today because we aren’t promised tomorrow (and our society says “living” is experiencing and acting on things and climbing new mountains or parasailing or skydiving… basically: start working on your bucket list for you may simply kick-the-bucket and not actually get TO your list…so do it today!)

Both of these simply, to me, are ludicrous.

But with that said…I agree with the statement – but only when I chunk it up into two parts.

Yes…we must live today. But “living”, to me, comes back to the REASON to live or the MEANING to live. And we simply, from my Christian standpoint and the way that I read the Bible, my “meaning” in life is to glorify God in all I say and do and BE Christ to all people. Which means today I love you and serve you and appreciate you, and encourage you NOT BECAUSE I may not be able to do it tomorrow…not because I want to store up eternity with God and have “good points” on my name BUT BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT IT MEANS TO LIVE. “Living today” simply is about other people…and not me. AND BECAUSE we are not guaranteed tomorrow we are not only encouraged but TOLD to love and live today.

So I guess as long as we understand that “live today for we are not guaranteed tomorrow” is simply about “living” as “loving today”….then all is good. In my humble opinion.

In summary…just love people. Every day. All day. “Live” for them by doing things for them. It’s way better than “living” for yourself.

Just My 2 Cents and Thoughts


Pastor Kelly

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