What’s Next – Pt 1: New Heaven and New Earth

Here at Trinity we are going through 5 weeks on “what’s next? – what happens when we die” and so I wanted to condense the sermon into a blog in the hopes that it might not only clarify some things but also spark some conversation – all centered around a biblical understanding of “life” after death. I want to begin with the FINAL place – … Continue reading What’s Next – Pt 1: New Heaven and New Earth

Pentecost: Becoming Love

This past Sunday was Pentecost – one of my favorite holidays for believers. But what’s striking is that while we celebrate this day in the church…that’s about where it stops. And not only does it stop there but it seems to stop ON that day. We celebrate it on “Pentecost Sunday” but then that’s it. And trust me when I say that I am partially … Continue reading Pentecost: Becoming Love