Psalm 47: Thankful-Deliverance

First Off…read Psalm 47!

Our psalm today is what is called an “enthronement” psalm. A psalm that speaks simply of God’s throne over all things. Seen and unseen. Said and unsaid. Living and non. This psalm reminds us that there is no inch, no space, no place, no non-place that exists and doesn’t that is not governed, ordained, created, and ruled by him.

This last week, at the church I serve, we looked into the promises of the future as given to us in Revelation 7:9-14. We reflected on the fact that John sees what he calls the “multitude” – a group too numerous to count, too vast and wide to see…all in worship of God. That this great number of people are from every tribe, tongue, and nation. Past and present (you can find that condensed sermon here).

The people of Israel were constantly at war with those around them. Time and time again they were taken over by the Babylonians, the Philistines, and countless other tribes, nations, and people. And likewise the people of Israel, under the guidance and protection of God, did the same to their neighbors. That’s how things worked. And so when we read this psalm we MUST understand context. We MUST see that to the people of Israel THEY ALONE are the children of God for it was with Abraham that God made his covenant (Genesis 17). That time after time God delivered his covenantal people (Israel) out of the hands of those who would try to wipe her out, or defame God, and work to destroy his name. And through it all, even though Israel herself frequently did those exact same things…the fact still remained: God continued to be the Lord of all creation.

As stated in an earlier psalm, we are in a “groupings of psalms” (psalms 42-72) that reflect the Exodus – God’s removing his covenantal people out of Egypt and into the Promised Land. A time when God would protect them from their enemies, provide all necessary “needs” to live each and every day (food, clothing, shelter, water). These psalms also show us a “worship” aspect of the relationship with God. A prayer and worship of thanks for his deliverance.

Psalm 47 is a psalm of thankful-deliverance.

So that begs the question: what today are you thankful for in YOUR deliverance? Christ redeemed you, he called you by name, he knows every ounce of you (inside and out) and paid for YOU with the price of his blood. Have you lived into that today? Have you experienced truly what that means? I’d hate to think of what COULD have been for me.

So what are YOU thankful for? I know that for me there is much I have never experienced – much trauma that I have never felt – but that doesn’t mean those things don’t exist or aren’t along the journey and path I’m on. But I know that in it all and through it all God is the one who reigns over all things – seen and unseen. And that regardless of what I experience now, regardless of what still is coming down the road, my only comfort is that my Lord and Savior is over it all and through it all.

There is no journey, no path, no place that I can go where God isn’t already reigning.

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