Psalm 52: A Psalm of Anger

First Off…read Psalm 52! My first thoughts and impressions on this psalm is that David is really angry. While you read this psalm you just get this impression of someone that is harboring so much hatred and disgust towards someone…but then we come to know the backstory – and it makes sense. We read in 1 Sam 21-22 that Doeg the Edomite was a man … Continue reading Psalm 52: A Psalm of Anger

Psalm 51: A Psalm of Sin and Forgiveness

First Off…read Psalm 51! Our psalm today reflects an emotional plea from someone who gets it. Someone who knows what life is all about. An emotional crying out from a man who is reflecting on a recent past that was full of deceit, lies, adultery, and eventually murder (you can find that here in 2 Sam 11). A man after our own heart…someone we can … Continue reading Psalm 51: A Psalm of Sin and Forgiveness

Psalm 50: A Psalm of Instruction

First Off…read Psalm 50! Our psalm today is a “didactic” psalm – a “teaching” psalm…and it’s attributed to Asaph (he was a musician). The goal of this didactic psalm is to teach or instruct all those listening and as we read through psalm 50 we can see three different movements: Introduction, instruction/charge to the righteous followers, and instruction/charge to the wicked. And all of this … Continue reading Psalm 50: A Psalm of Instruction

Psalm 49: Messengers of Hope

First Off…read Psalm 49! It only takes engaging with different people to fully realize the extent of death. Death doesn’t play by societal rules. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, how much money you make, how kind or mean you are…and it doesn’t matter your ethnicity or cultural background. Death simply doesn’t care. If you are alive – death will hit … Continue reading Psalm 49: Messengers of Hope