Psalm 56: A Psalm of Fear and Loneliness

Do me a favor and please read Psalm 56. Scholars place this psalm in connection with not only Psalm 34 (which you can find my blog-thoughts on here) but also 1 Sam 21:10-15 when David was in Gath before their king and pretended to be insane. David, fearing for his life, started drooling and writing on the walls in hopes of throwing off the Philistine … Continue reading Psalm 56: A Psalm of Fear and Loneliness

Radical Grace

I was taken aback by grace this week. For us we understand grace as unconditional forgiveness…which it is – but our unconditional forgiveness, our concept of grace, is bound up in more-often-than-not…US turning the corner and coming back to God! Right? For us grace is understood in the “oops” of the moment. We make a mistake, we acknowledge it, we seek forgiveness and we move … Continue reading Radical Grace

FamilyFire Blog: Taming the Tongue…

I’m not sure if this is the right and proper way to do this – but I blog for FamilyFire sometimes (a ministry of the Christian Reformed Church in which I belong) and so when they post something I wrote for them on a topic of their choosing I want to make sure it gets out to those that are following me too…so if you … Continue reading FamilyFire Blog: Taming the Tongue…

Psalm 53: A Psalm of Uncomfortableness

First Off…read Psalm 53! “…there is no one who does good.” Ouch David! Way to start off the psalm on such a downer! Not much is really known about this psalm, and why David essentially copies his already proclamation on “nobody is good” from Psalm 14 (you can find my blog on that here) nobody really knows. And if you’re anything like me when you … Continue reading Psalm 53: A Psalm of Uncomfortableness