Lots o’ Love

My mind has kind of been in a haze since I first heard of the massacre in Las Vegas. Many questions swirl around – and all of them are going to land flat. We simply will not know why or how or anything else… and having to explain that to my kids just doesn’t work. While we definitely need to be having the conversation about what we can do to stop these attacks – I think what we really need to do right now is simply act with, and in, love.

Paul writes in Romans 12:21 that love overcomes evil…well then, let’s love. Love like you’ve never loved. Love like it’s going out of style. Love like the strongest definition of love is not even close to being adequate. Show and be love more than anything anyone has ever received. Love like they are going to write songs and poems about how amazing your love is. Show so much love that if love was an iceberg then they have no clue the amount of MORE love that is not seen and ready to be given. Love others…love people…

If evil is present then confront it with love. If evil and hatred and vitriole is being espoused because someone looks different, acts different, loves differently, and believes differently then really the only thing that’s going to put an end to this line of thinking is love.

The beauty of love is that you don’t need to simply say it – you can act it. The beauty of love is that it’s not only an action or words – but it’s a heart. It’s praying for those who need prayer. It’s giving to those who don’t have evenough. It’s coming along side someone who needs a presence. It’s writing a letter expressing sincere gratitude for someone, it’s giving a dollar to someone begging on the street, it’s buying a gift card to Subway for someone hungry. Love simply is thinking of others and not yourself and doing things for them. Love is praying for those in need. Love is praying for our politicians who have to start facing a public who is tired of seeing families who are now torn apart. Love is simply allowing others to feel hope, gratitude, peace, and goodness by things that we do and say…and were created to be.

Is love enough? No. Other things need to happen too…with the big one being Jesus coming ASAP to stop all this hatred…but until the good Lord comes – i’m pretty sure he wants us to love. So love I shall. Lot’s o’ love.


Just my 2 cents – so take it for what it is.

Blessings. Kelly

2 thoughts on “Lots o’ Love

  1. Great words and thoughts as always. As the world continues to morally crumble, examples of love are in small supply when compared to the onslaught of evil we are faced with. Challenging ourselves to grow and love is crucial.
    Your friend,

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