FamilyFire Blog: Joy VS Happiness

Thank you so muchf or coming to look at this blog on choosing Joy over happiness. I blog for a branch of my denomination called “FamilyFire” and they have taken ownership of this blog entry and so I have moved my thoughts and words over to them. I am deeply sorry for the inconvenience BUT all you need to do to read that blog is … Continue reading FamilyFire Blog: Joy VS Happiness

FamilyFire Blog: Fighting the Holiday Gift Game

This blog was featured on FamilyFire today – and it came out of my own personal struggles (as with most things I write on). I pray that it challenges you as maybe you too struggle with me? Anyway, you can find my blog on “Fighting the Holiday Gift Game” over at FamilyFire by clicking the link HERE. As usual, I thank you for following me … Continue reading FamilyFire Blog: Fighting the Holiday Gift Game

FamilyFire Blog: Breaking Traditions

I recently wrote a blog for FamilyFire on “traditions” and I wanted those of you who do not follow FamilyFire, but follow my posts, to have access to it. This blog came out of a conversation I had with others around the holidays struggles that not only happen upon them – but I would argue happen upon many of us. So click HERE for the … Continue reading FamilyFire Blog: Breaking Traditions