Day 3: An Intentional Meeting

Today’s pocast is day 3 of Christ’s Passion week and it comes to us as a parable that Jesus gives to his chief priests, elders, and teachers of the law (Mark 12:1-12). It’s a story that was meant to challenge and confront the very people who wanted him dead. And yet it is also a story that gave hope and peace to the people who were listening in.

I have included a still-life that we created here at TCRC in the corner of the sanctuary (up front) that depicts the scene of the message.

Day 3 Pic

If you have not been following this Lenten series then I have included links to other podcasts and even a video (for day 1). I hope you take the time to listen to the other 6 days and walk through that final week as Mark reveals it to us. And I pray, throughout it all, that you come to see Jesus in his true light, his true passion, and why he came.

Day 1: (not my podcast – but you can find the video here as it was preached by Tyler Helfers, our Campus Ministry Director).

Day 2: Understanding Function

Day 3: An Intentional Meeting

Day 4: An Act of Love

Day 5: A Night of Anguish

Day 6: The Cross

Day 7: The Resurrection

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