FamilyFire Blog: High School Dating Suggestions

I wrote a blog for FamilyFire in response to someone asking for tips on dating in High School – and while that was over 20 years ago (ago…22 years ago I graduated) the conversation I had with a young teenager ABOUT HS dating was only 13 years ago (wow – that still seems like a long time ago). And while I do not have all the answers I wrote some thoughts and suggestions for them in hopes that they could help THEM figure out what to look for and how to navigate this stressful waterway. As usual, these are not the end-alls of the conversation but are merely my meanderings on the subject and some suggestions that may or may not pertain to them OR you. But I do think there are a couple tips here that MAY be universal for all those seeking love.

Should you be interested in reading this blog for FamilyFire then you can find it here. I hope you find it edifying, challenging, and I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on what has worked for you too in this area (as I think we could all learn more tricks and tools to help out) or some tips that helped you navigate young love (I’m beginning to compile a list for when my own kids begin to explore those feelings).

As usual, thank you all for you support and encouragement. May God bless you.

2 thoughts on “FamilyFire Blog: High School Dating Suggestions

  1. My high school coach said it best every time his daughter’s date came to the door, no matter how many times they dated. “No drugs, no alcohol, no sex. I think they got the point.

    Jim Hallihan
    Iowa Sports Foundation


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