FamilyFire: Finding Healthy Space with Technology

I wrote a blog for FamilyFire in response not so much to what people had requested but what I was seeing and wanting in my own home. These suggestions are not the end all to the myriad of questions and ways of going about this – but I pray they help you navigate the technology role in your own home.

Should you be interested in reading this blog for FamilyFire then you can find it here. I hope you find it edifying, challenging, and I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on what things you do in your own home. My wife and I, for quite some time, had a “technology sabbath” on Sundays and that was REALLY REALLY hard – especially come winter time when we all can’t be outside. I think during the summer it’s a good add.

As usual, thank you all for you support and encouragement. May God bless you.

2 thoughts on “FamilyFire: Finding Healthy Space with Technology

  1. When the kids were young we had the computer in the living room in the middle of the house so that there could be no privacy. No computers or now cell phone would be allowed in their rooms when there was no one to watch the content. Of course that was old days.

    One day when Danny was in 10-11th grade I came home and he was playing a video game that was shoot em up. I asked him where he got it and he said he bought it from a friend for $20. I took the video out threw it in the waste can and gave him $20. I told him that he is a good kid and playing violent video games would not cause him to go out and shoot people although for some that border on violence it can seduce them to think it is ok. But my message to him was that watching people shooting other people desensitizes you to human suffering and that is not a good trait to develop. My 2 cents.

    Jim Hallihan
    Iowa Sports Foundation


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