Day 7: The Resurrection

Our final day, in this 2018 Lenten Passion Week series, finds us as the empty tomb (Mark 16:1-8). Mary Magadalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome have come to the grave to anoint, and weep…but they are in for a huge reality check.

Here is the cross direction we did for Easter. The purple still runs throughout the series….but now we add the perfect “white” and the morning burst of flowers (fresh).


If you have not been following this Lenten series then I have included links to other podcasts and even a video (for day 1). I hope you take the time to listen to the other 6 days and walk through that final week as Mark reveals it to us. And I pray, throughout it all, that you come to see Jesus in his true light, his true passion, and why he came.

Day 1: (not my podcast – but you can find the video here as it was preached by Tyler Helfers, our Campus Ministry Director).

Day 2: Understanding Function

Day 3: An Intentional Meeting

Day 4: An Act of Love

Day 5: A Night of Anguish

Day 6: The Cross

Day 7: The Resurrection

10 thoughts on “Day 7: The Resurrection

  1. Since Peter denied Jesus 3 times, maybe he was called out because he needed to hear the good news most of all? Seems like yet another case of God’s forgiveness.

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