FamilyFire: Reconciling My Impatience with God

I wrote a blog for FamilyFire the other day on working through my personal impatience with God. It can be a struggle knowing that God can, and HAS, worked in the lives of people long ago and helped them in their struggle…and yet here I sit, struggling, and waiting for God. So where are you? So should you be interested in reading this blog from FamilyFire then you can find it here.

I hope you find it edifying, challenging, and I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how you work through those times of impatience. Lord knows we’re all in this together and could learn from one another.

As usual, thank you all for you support and encouragement. May God bless you.


One thought on “FamilyFire: Reconciling My Impatience with God

  1. So are you being impatient on your job decision? We haven’t heard anything yet? Where does the new job stand as of today? Blessings, Jim

    Jim Hallihan
    Iowa Sports Foundation


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