Finding “Peace”

Whether it’s living with a decision we have made or seeking out some greater feeling in life the hope is the same: peace. We desire peace. We desire to be at ease with where we are and what may come of it. We want to have a mind that is settled in the decisions that were made with the choices we were faced with. But do we ever find peace in that sense?


Our lives are one constant decision after another. Which college should I go to, which job should I take, and where should I live? And with each decision we weigh possible outcomes and consequences of our decisions. Our personal feelings are that the options themselves will carry us in to vastly different areas and places in life – and never shall the two intersect. But does it work that way? Is it as easy, or complicated, as Morpheus offers Neo in The Matrix with the option of two different pills that give two different outcomes? And can I find peace in either of those decisions?

Jesus states in John 14:27 “Peace I leave you; my peace I give to you.” Christ’s peace is a peace that speaks differently than a peace the world desires. Our world, and even us, seek a peace that settles our mind. We even have the saying “peace of mind” which means that my worries are settled. But this “peace” is a feeling which means it is also temporary (as all of our feelings are fleeting and temporary). As soon as I choose the red pill over the blue I feel at peace right now but that peace isn’t lasting. Soon I’m reliving my choice, questioning it every time something happens in life. This peace simply isn’t sustaining. It’s not eternal. The peace Christ speaks of is one that goes beyond the now and encompasses the future. The peace Christ gives IS a feeling but it is more of a hope and knowledge as well as comfort and joy. The peace of Christ means that regardless of the pill I choose the end is the same. The red pill may take me to the left, the blue to the right, but they both end up in the same place. And why? Because the peace Christ gives is a peace OF Christ. And that is a MUCH better peace than I seek within me.

Paul writes in Romans 5:1 that since we have been justified by faith we have peace with God through Jesus Christ. So because of what Christ has done, because of his death and atoning of my sins, I am forgiven. And not only am I forgiven but I am justified and redeemed. My sins, my decisions, my paths in life may meander to the left and right and even cut back to where I was it does not change the fact that he has secured my future and my end. My sins are atoned for and nothing can take that away. THAT is the peace of Christ. His work, his peace, trumps my work.

Paths as 1

We want to have a peace that we have made the right decisions in life. I want to make sure that I prayerfully went before God and asked him to lead and guide towards his will. And while this is what we should always do we must be clear that when we choose the blue pill it doesn’t mean we are stepping outside of the will of God. The blue pill doesn’t mean we have crossed outside of God’s ability to work, restore, and make good the path we are on. We may have gone a direction God didn’t want us to go but the beauty of God is that he still is God and able to make good my wrongs and straighten my path. The peace of Christ is knowing that not only is our final destination securely placed upon his love and work, our peace is knowing that nothing is outside of his scope and work. “Finding peace” in this world will be exhausting until we give up finding peace and begin HAVING peace. Peace is already found. We simply need to remember and rest it. Remembering that all things work to the glory of God when we put our trust in him will bring us peace when struggling with which direction to go and pill to take.

Just my two cents.


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