FamilyFire: Finding Peace Amid Pain

If you are looking for the original blog I wrote on pain and suffering I apologize but you’re still one click away! I not only blog for myself but I also blog for FamilyFire which is a branch of the denomination I serve as a pastor. Which means if you are here and looking for this blog THEY (FamilyFire) have picked it up and ran with it!

So, if you’re still interested in reading my thougthson pain and suffering and finding peace in the midst of it please click HERE and you’ll be redirected!

4 thoughts on “FamilyFire: Finding Peace Amid Pain

  1. I can relate to your situation because of the daily pain and discomfort Trish goes through with her back and neck. Not easy but she seems to be handling it better and hopefully it is not as bad as it once was. Knee replacement going on 5 months and doing very well. Hope all is well in CO.


  2. Thanks Kel. As a fellow sufferer, it is really comforting to hear the acceptance that comes in the future. I’m glad you found your acceptance and I hope we all can accept more and suffer a little less. 🙂


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