FamilyFire: Continuing the Date

I frequently write for a branch of the church denomination that I serve (Christian Reformed Church) called “FamilyFire.” Their goal is to provide blogs and thoughts to help others with struggles and also to give encouragement – and sometimes those writings I do for them actually find their place and get published. This blog, on “Continuing the Date” is one of those.

It’s a blog that I wrote as a struggle that I know many married people have. When we are dating our now spouse…we do so much for them, impressing them as often as we can. And then we get that ring on them and much of that stops. So this blog is a challenge to go back to the date. It’s a challenge for me as much as it is for all other married couples. But I also want to encourage those who are single, should that be you, to realize that simply because you say “I do” (when you say it) doesn’t mean you should stop continuing the date.

So if you’d like to read that blog than you’re just a click away! Click HERE and you’ll be taken there (in a separate window browser).

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