FamilyFire: Letting Go of Shame

I frequently write for a branch of the church denomination that I serve (Christian Reformed Church) called “FamilyFire.” Their goal is to provide blogs and thoughts to help others with struggles and also to give encouragement – and sometimes those writings I do for them actually find their place and get published. This blog, on “Letting Go of Shame” is one of those.

This blog, like many, is a reflection of the a struggle that I’ve had over the years with past decisions – but it’s also a blog that hopefully encourages the reader that “shame” is not the place we’re supposed to stay in. There is a movement forward. And like many blogs I write for FamilyFire there are some hopefully helpful tips and suggestions at the end.

So if you’d like to read that blog than you’re just a click away! Click HERE and you’ll be taken there (in a separate window browser).

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