Psalm 51: Authentic Brokenness

This is part 4 of a 6 week thematic series on “God Values VS Wordly Values” where we will look at different topics and actions that God declares we are to have and yet they don’t fit well in this world.

There are two ways to listen to this podcast. If you are sitting in the comforts of your home or work and are able to stream it then feel free to click the play button and listen! However, if you do NOT have the capability or want to listen to it later then you can download it by clicking the link below (which will download the podcast to your phone/computer/tablet).

Click here to download the file: Download this audio file

Or go ahead and stream it from from here by pushing “play”

If you’d like to listen to the other podcasts in this series then you can find them below:

Week 1: Phil 2:3-11 The Clothing of Humility can be found HERE

Week 2: Matthew 25:34-40 Living Generously can be found HERE

Week 3: Romans 12:  A Living Sacrifice can be found HERE

Week 4: Psalm 51: Authentic Brokenness can be found HERE

Week 5: Matthew 16: 21-28: The Pursuit of Successful Lives can be found HERE.

Week 6: Matthew 19:16-30: Eternal Living…Today can be found HERE.


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