FamilyFire: Confronting My Fears

Outside of being a minister and writing my own meandering thoughts sometimes I also carve out a little time to write for a branch of the denomination that I serve (Christian Reformed Church) called “FamilyFire.” Their goal is to provide blogs and thoughts from a Christian worldview. The hope is that we all realize we struggle and we all need help. They have wonderful stuff to help people along and blogs from other people too (but I am partial biased).  Anyways, sometimes those meanderings I write for them actually find their place and get published. This blog, on confronting my own fears (that was originally here on my site) got picked up from FamilyFire and so is now with them.

So if you’d like to read that blog than you’re just a click away! Click HERE and you’ll be taken there (in a separate window browser).

One thought on “FamilyFire: Confronting My Fears

  1. Fear is normal. That is what our brains are hardwired to do. Your brain is actively trying to anticipate and protect you from the worst things that can happen whether they are rational or not. The good news is that you don’t have to believe what your brain tells you. If you know a fear or a thought isn’t rational or helpful, just recognize that it is only a thought. Thoughts are not true and your brain is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. (And I might add, it is showing you what is important in your life. )

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