God…and the Mundane

I’ve been thinking about the mundane a lot. You know, those activities we do where there isn’t a high or low… it just is. Those things we do every week that seem boring, unchallenging, and have this feeling of being devoid of God. But are they? Is God really outside of those events, activities, and parts of our lives? Things like laundry, dishes, bathing, cleaning … Continue reading God…and the Mundane

Matthew 6:19-24 The Treasures of Our Heart

On our podcast today we dive into Jesus’ challenge to his disciples/followers to look within and see the things that we love. And not only see them but recognize the value they DON’T REALLY HAVE. It’s a challenge for his followers to recognize the “treasures” of this earth VS the treasures of heaven. Continue reading Matthew 6:19-24 The Treasures of Our Heart

Matthew 6:1-18 Our Acts of Righteousness

Our podcast continues through the Sermon on the Mount with Jesus’ clarification, and challenge, on what it means to be “righteous” (specifically in regards to giving, praying, and fasting). There are two different ways to listen to this podcast. If you are sitting at home or somewhere else and you simply want to stream it you can click the “play” button below and you’re off … Continue reading Matthew 6:1-18 Our Acts of Righteousness