The “Shalom-berg”

Thank you for your interest in my working-through of Christ as our “Shalom” and the deep, and vast, understandings of “Shalom.” But as you can see…there ain’t much here! And why? Well, it’s because the denomination I serve as a pastor has a magazine publication, and online presence, called The Banner and they have purchased this blog and moved it over to them! And so because of that I’ve had to take it down from here. But do not fret for as soon as it’s “live” over there I will update this blog with a hyperlink TO them!

In the mean time, thank you for coming and looking – and please continue to look at my simple words and thoughts and I pray they encourage you!



In Him,


8 thoughts on “The “Shalom-berg”

  1. I agree, Kelly, shalom is an amazing term. And especially when we realize that it is perfectly personified in God’s son, Jesus. Thanks for this insightful post!


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