Something Fun…to come!

I had the blessing of participating in a Zoom call with 4 other Christian bloggers the other day as we talked, connected, prayed, supported, encouraged, and just had some laughs. It was refreshing and great as we all write differently, have different stories, are in different places/spaces, and yet we all love Jesus, want to worship and bring Him honor and glory, and USE this medium to do all of that! So why am I writing this little blog today? Well, someone had a fun idea that we should ALL write on the same topic/subject/text from our own perspectives (and styles) and share it with one another’s audience. That it would be fun, and unique, to not only hear other people’s takes on a topic but to also hear it from different perspectives, places, spaces, and thoughts. We are all led by the same Spirit and yet He moves us, compels us, challenges us, and works through us in different ways – and yet He does this to point to the Father and the Son. He does this so that God is glorified. So that’s what we’re gonna do!

The topic? Well, it’s Jesus, a donkey, and his Father. Why might you ask? Well, we were encouraging and hearing from one another about any “tips” we might share as Christian bloggers and it became abundantly clear that we all just want to bring honor to God and not do this writing thing for anyone else – that our agenda is Him and Him alone…and well, isn’t that what happened on Palm Sunday? As Christ rode in on a donkey he could have all the accolades and fanfare in the world – and yet he just wanted to do the will of his Father?

So there ya go.

So – this Tuesday I will be sending out a blog on MY thoughts on this topic and I will tag the other 4 and they will share my blog with their audience. Then, on the 21st (which is the following Tuesday), Deandra will write on the same topic/subject but in her own words and on her own blog and we all will share hers with you. Then Dawn on the 28th, Temi on the 5th, Matt on the 12th, and we will end with Lydia on the 28th. And if it goes well then we might just loop it around again on a new topic! So my encouragement to you would be to share your thoughts of this! But then again – we don’t do this for the numbers and we’re not doing this to get more followers…we’re doing this because it sounds fun, unique, and we want to do something “different” to share Jesus Christ.

So look forward to that! But in the meantime, I would encourage you to check out their blogs, get to know them, and remember/recognize that the church is bigger than you, me, or the place we worship. God’s bride is universal and is not bound by time or space!

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