We are roughly A MONTH away from the launch of The Honesty of the Psalms: Wrestling with the Word of God in a Broken World! “What is this said book?” you may be asking…well, I’m glad you asked!

Authentic relationships should happen naturally. When you have true relationship with someone, no matter where you are or have been, you are allowed the space to express a whole host of honest emotions. I would argue that most people desire this in their relationships. And yet how many of us find that we become uncomfortable in THAT type of relationship with our Creator? How many times have we found ourselves trying to act, or even be, something different with God than where we actually find ourselves? And yet isnโ€™t this what the Psalms DONโ€™T do? This book, through my personal studies and struggles. I seek to help readers not only work through the joys and pains of the psalms but help the reader work through their own related struggles. If an authentic relationship with God is our desire then we need to feel safe in expressing however we feel, knowing all along, that God allows us to express our anger, joy, sadness, grief, and abandonment when they come upon us. That whatever we are feeling, wherever we find ourselves in our walk with God, through the psalms we are given permission to wrestle with a holy God in a broken world โ€“ knowing all the while he has already responded to our needs. And at the end of each reflection I ask you to respond to 3 questions that will hopefully guide you, the reader, into a deeper conversation (with that specific psalm as our guide) within your own context.

So – why am I telling you this? Well, this blog STARTED because of these psalm reflections! And if you like the content that I share here, the reflections I offer up, and the Biblical challenges I reflect on then I think you’ll be interested in having this book at your fingertips – and as soon as I have a “drop date” then I’ll let you know!

There WILL be a few ways of obtaining the book. So an FYI that

  1. You’ll be able to purchase a physical copy on Amazon
  2. You’ll be able to purchase, and download, an E-copy from Amazon
  3. You can purchase a SIGNED book through me!

Lastly, if you’re a “Facebook” person then I invite you to hop over and like my “author” page! That way you not only know what’s going on but you’ll know of any local “parties” I’ll host with the book as well as any other info that may or may not be considered “useless” to you. ๐Ÿ™‚

So – here’s my author page:

As usual, thank you all for your support! You have been a blessing to me! And as usual, may God bless you and keep you in his graces!

-Kelly VW

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