Amos 5:1-17 Understanding What it Means to Live

What does it mean to live? I think from an “American” standpoint it would be doing what I want, when I want, and how I want it. It means achieving the goals that I have and loving every ounce of it every day. That may or may not be right in your eyes but that’s at least what I see it as in my own life. Does that match what God declares what it means to live? The people of Israel during the time Amos prophesied declared that living, for the most part, was not too different than what we see still to this day as personal goals and desires outweighed the needs and necessities of others.

One thing you’ll notice in the podcast is that I mention that this chapter (1-17 at least) is a “chaism” and so as stated, here is the chiasm we see (hopefully it’ll reflect correctly and not just list these in a line).

5:1–2    Introduction to Lament

5:3         Lamentation/Decimation

5:4–6    Exhortation

5:7         Accusation

5:8–9    Hymn

5:10–13          Accusation and Judgment

5:14–15          Exhortation

5:16–17     Lamentation

There are two different ways to listen to this podcast. If you are sitting at home or somewhere else and you simply want to stream it you can click the “play” button below and you’re off and running!

Should you want to DOWNLOAD the podcast from your computer you can RIGHT click on the link below. If you want to download it from your phone then you’ll need an app that will play podcasts – but if you already have one then simply clicking on the link below will begin the download.

This is going to be a 7-part podcast series and so as we go through it I’ll update the links below with the new podcast information.

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Amos 7-8:3 Being Plumb can be found here

Amos 8:4-14 When All is Silent can be found here

Amos 9 can be found here

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