Christmas: Truths, not truths, facts, and straight up weird traditions

How about some holiday facts and information that I scoured through the internet and thought I’d share! (sorry, some of these may burst some bubbles). There’s a TON more cool, weird, and interesting facts than what I have listed here but these were some of the things I had thought of on my own and others I found out about that I thought were good/interesting/fun to share.


  1. No. When a bell rings angels do not get their wings. In fact, there is only one place where angels are given wings in Scripture and that’s with the seraphim and cherubim. Which then makes me need to say that along with the misnomer from “It’s a Wonderful Life” there is NO PLACE in the Bible where there is a “guardian angel.” Yes there are instances where they “assist” a believer but you won’t find “guardian angels” in scripture.
  2. While “Santa” has been around for quite some time, and in various traditions, the image we have today, with a man in red with a beard and sleigh – well, that came about from lots of things that were built on top of each other. Washington Irving, before that we have German traditions, and after them we had Coca Cola. All of them and many more kind of got smooshed together to form the image we have today. So our “Santa” is kind of a stew and hodgepodge of stuff.
  3. Christmas is during winter and, well, during the winter time male reindeer’s shed their antlers. So the image we have of the male reindeer’s pulling the sleigh…kind of not accurate. But then again – neither is flying reindeer.
  4. The Christmas wreath was originally created to represent the crown of thorns that Christ wore. So the berries become the blood and the holly, which is awfully prickly, becomes the thorns.
  5. Traditionally colors of Christmas are red, gold, and green and, once again, represent a Christian following. So red is the blood of Christ, green is rebirth, and gold is light, wealth, and royalty. I personally think we can add blue and purple as those, in OT times, added royalty and nobility as well.
  6. The Dutch have given us much for our festive times. From the stockings, to the food being left out – we can thank our Dutch brothers and sisters for those.
  7. Quite a few of our traditional songs were written, or co-written, by Jews.
  8. Jingle Bells was written for Thanksgiving…not Christmas. Maybe we should reclaim it as a Thanksgiving song as really, outside of Adam Sandler’s Thanksgiving song, is there a good “Thanksgiving” song?
  9. We celebrate Christmas as a holy day commemorating the birth of our Savior…and yet nowhere does the Bible actually tell us to do that. Is it a “biblical” day? Yes…no…probably – but I’m pretty sure we, as Believers, should celebrate it.
  10. In Japan, many, and I mean LOTS, of people spend Christmas Eve at KFC! It’s so popular that people have to book their seats months in advance!
  11. While we spend gobs of money on gifts and food – many gobs of money are also thrown down the drain as food is thrown out and gifts that aren’t wanted are thrown away. A study by The Money Advice Service found that in the U.K. alone, 2.4 billion pounds (which is over 3 billion US dollars) is tossed down the drain on all that uneaten, unwanted, gifts and food.
  12. I’m just gonna paste this one cuz you can’t make it up…
    1. The bizarre Catalonian tradition of caga tió(or “defecating log” in English)involves creating a character out of a small log – often complete with a grinning face and hat – which sits on the dining room table during the fortnight leading up to Christmas. It has to be fed every day with fruit, nuts and sweets, and then – on Christmas Eve – the entire family beats the log with sticks, while singing traditional songs, forcing the log to excrete its treats.
  13. December 25th is not likely when Jesus was born…we just picked it to take over a pagan holiday that existed during this time.
  14. Was Jesus born in an actual stable? Maybe, maybe not – but most likely it’s not the type of building we THINK of today. So while the Greek and Hebrew word reflect a “stable” but stables back then were part of your living quarters…just down below. So in the house they probably were and not some out-cropped barn house off to the side.
  15. Frosty…while a “snow man” he’s also a thief. Don’t believe me? Re-watch the cartoon (he steals the hat from Mr. Hinkle)
  16. If we take “Grandma got run over by a reindeer” as it stands…Santa should be sitting in jail for vehicular homicide…and hit and run! As well as driving away from the scene of a crime!
  17. Lastly…It’s highly doubtful that the 3 kings visited Jesus just after his birth. Why? Because they were NOT in the area and would have had to travel THOUSANDS of miles ON FOOT or on camel or horse. Either way…they weren’t close! Well, that and when you actually read scripture (Matthew 2:9-12) you see that when they arrived Jesus was a child and not an infant.

Merry Christmas…

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