Just a couple of things…

This isn’t my typical blog but i wanted to share a few things.

First, with Christmas just around the corner my kids and i wanted to do 25 days of Christmas music. So each day we’re bringing you a new song and posting it to YouTube. Clearly i haven’t sent these to any of you but i just posted Day 5 – so if you’d like to watch then please do so… and share with others!

Here’s day 1: https://youtu.be/z2ukYL4RT7w

(Make sure you hit “subscribe” to be notified when other days are up)

Lastly, i have been toying with doing a video series thru the Psalms called “Psalms in a Pminute” where i take a single minute to cover the psalm. It’ll be a lot of editing and wordsmithing to get info on the psalm in a min – but i hope it will be fun and encouraging (that’ll be in a separate YouTube channel).

As always, thanks for following me and my thoughts. I pray this season finds you well.

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