Where to go?

To be honest this isn’t your normal post for me as I usually have something to share, speak of, or draw us to…and yet here I type as I wonder “what do I do and where do I go with this blog site?”

I started this years ago as a space to share my thoughts on the Psalms and challenge readers to engage with them – and that finished up roughly 15 months ago and has become a book (you can find that book here if you so choose). I then started using this to link to other writings I did for the denomination I serve, added podcasts of my sermons, other meanderings and ramblings, and then other wanderings through God’s Word – and now I find that with my focus on my Psalms in a Pminute over on YouTube (you can find those here) I wonder should I even keep this? If it’s only going to become a place for podcasting – is this something to keep up, pay for, and whatever else?

So yeah – that’s where I’m at.

I’m not asking for a response, I’m simply sharing with you my place and space and wonders and answering any questions as to “where has Kelly’s writings been?” But with that being said, SHOULD YOU FEEL you want me to do something, or speak into something, or do a study in a specific book of the Bible – then please comment below.

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