Book #2 Help????

As you may or may not know by now I will have a 2nd book coming out AT SOME POINT. I say “at some point” because while we have an editor and company to publish it…we still have to fundraise to get there! And with that being said there have been some requests on social media as to how you can help. And while I’m not the one to ask for “help” (it makes me uncomfortable)…I am learning to trust the Holy Spirit when he prompts (you’d think that by being raised in a believing household and being a pastor I would have had this figured out by now…but it’s still a struggle). So, with that being said, here is a list on how you can help:

  1. Prayers. We could ALWAYS use your prayers. Both my current book and this new book were never written to make me rich – they were simply a response to the Holy Spirit’s call. So we could use your prayers to get this funded and get this next book into the hands of believers and non believers. PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW JESUS!
  2. Purchase The Honesty of the Psalms. All the “take home” sales from my current book are being funneled in to help fund the NEXT book. And while I don’t make much money on the sale of my book (after print and taxes, etc) – every little bit helps! So if you haven’t purchased my book on the psalms – consider it! Or buy it for a friend (Christmas is coming…it makes a great gift!). You can find the link to the book HERE
  3. Financial help. We created a “GoFundMe” because the book costs money – $5500 to be exact. So with that said, if you are able to give money (even $10) then that is absolutely helpful!
    1. Here’s the link to GoFundMe:
  4. Lastly – maybe you can’t give or buy my other book but I’m sure you know people who might? So maybe you can pass on the link to either my Psalms book or this GoFundMe (or both) and maybe THEY can help?

As usual, thank you for all you do and listening to my simple words. We’re excited for what God is doing and what the Holy Spirit has in store and hopefully this book will get out into the world sooner and later. We’ve all been through a lot these last 2 years with COVID and work and sickness and deaths and fear…and I think the book on Lamentations is a reminder that we all need – that even in darkness God still is there.

Thank you again!

  • Kelly

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