Your Help is Needed!!!

I’m recommitting!

You may or may not know this, but I’m a pastor and author smoker of food – but I really enjoy woodworking in my garage! And so this is where I need YOUR help! I want to re-commit to my “Psalms in a Pminute” YouTube channel…but I need a new catchy name as I want to do those videos with a twist as I combine it with my actual job – being a pastor and ministering (as well as the fact that I have a couple of books out there on Amazon)!

So here’s where I’d like some help: I need a new name for my YouTube channel! I like the idea of “The Sawdusted Pastor” or something like that…but I’m not sure I like that name. But hopefully you get the gist. So yeah – what do ya got for me?

So please, do me a favor and comment below on a good name. Something that combines ministering/pastoring and woodworking or making sawdust or the fact that I still have all my fingers (and I’m pretty sure they all have splinters). Hey…what about the “Splintered Pastor”?

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