Mark 10:1-12 Living Lives Reflective of Heaven

Some Pharisees asked, “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife?” What an interesting question! An “interesting” because there is SOOOOOO much that is being asked, and answered, in this question. So while this seems like a pretty straight-forward question it really isn’t. So join me as we dive in to CONTEXT CONTEXT CONTEXT! Continue reading Mark 10:1-12 Living Lives Reflective of Heaven

Mark 9:30-50 Discipleship 101

What does it mean to be the “greatest” in the eyes of Christ? It’s a question the disciples wanted to know – and yet it’s an answer they weren’t ready to hear. For you and I, it’s a great reminder that the ways of heaven must become the ways of this earth – and the ways of Christ’s disciples must be that of heaven. Continue reading Mark 9:30-50 Discipleship 101