The Final…

I write this not as a sadness but of a thankfulness. Thankful for the words I’ve been able to write here, for the connections I made, for the thoughts you-all allowed me to share, and the space this gave. So thank you.

With that said, this blog/podcast will be removed come the end of January 2023. Why? Well, I firmly believe there are things and spaces that serve a purpose for a period of time – and this is one of those “times” that has come to an end as its purpose has been served. Do I still have things to say? Yup. But I feel I’m personally coming into a different season – and “The Simple Preacher” site has run its course and needs to be hung up for the journey ahead is meant to be traveled without it.

I’m not sure what the future of writing looks like for me as this site allowed me all the writing I wanted. I will still hopefully write for other media publications as I have done in the past – so you can google me randomly and see if there is anything new…but until we shall meet again. There MIGHT be a random post up on this until then – but really that’s because this is paid for until the end of Jan and so if I find a desire I might write…but who knows.

So until then, be kind. Be considerate. Be compassionate and full of grace. Love one another as Christ has loved you to, and thru, the cross and the grave and into God’s everlasting embrace.

  • Kelly AKA The Simple Preacher

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