About Me

I want to thank you for coming to my little blog…and I hope that you find my writings here edifying…but you should probably know a few things:

  1. I am NOT a writer. I “write” in one sense because I am a preacher and so I “write” to preach – but I am not a “writer” and I think you’ll see that as you read my blogs. Am AM now an author – but only because I have a really good editor. With that said…
  2. I am not an editor. I will apologize now
  3. I am a husband and father first and preacher second AND FAR FAR FAR last – I am an author. My preaching and writing style is about context, application, and grace so hopefully as you read my thoughts on scripture (and other musings) you will come away knowing a little about what was happening then which will hopefully allow you to apply that to your own life today and then, finally, seeing the grace of God within the text as well.
  4. Occasionally you will find within this site random “blogs” that I have written as well. These simply come from a moment or event or conviction that I feel (you may disagree) God is asking me to share. I hope you find them helpful. I also occasionally write for FamilyFire and when I do I put those in here with a link over to their site where the blog can be found. Also, I write for FamilyFire (a blog site/branch of the denomination (Christian Reformed Church) that I minister in and belong to). And when those appear I will redirect you to their site.
  5. Also, I have now jumped into the world of “podcasts” and those are actually my sermons for the week (they usually are sent out around 11:30 AM my time – just after our service concludes). And since these are not coming from a recording from the pulpit I hope they feel more like conversations than sermons, but sermons they still are. These are also, quite frequently, a little more indepth as I am limited in time on my sermons and yet podcasts allow me to go as long as I want (and you can always cut me off by leaving the podcast).
  6. I AM now a published author, which feels/sounds really weird, but that happened because God is doing something really weird and so he gets all the honor and glory there and apparently Credo Publishing is accepting ANYONE to write a book (I kid – and I know that it’s a big deal but, again, I don’t feel I should be an author but apparently others do).

Other than that – I am simply a preacher that loves Jesus and wants to help others in their own walk as well. I serve Immanuel Christian Reformed Church in Fort Collins, CO and the community OF Fort Collins, CO.

IF you’d like to find my book on Amazon for purchase or download then you can find it here (it’s called The Honesty of the Psalms).

Please share with me any thoughts or comments you have. We are all in this together and I fully realize that I am opening up myself to this site so please share any insight or other thoughts you may have on the text or my own personal thoughts. Again, we’re in this together and I can always use another voice.

Lastly, most of my blogs over the years were going through the book of Psalms but as you can see 99.9% of them are taken down. That’s because I’m in talks with those being published into a book and because of that I’ve had to take them down. I apologize but hopefully at some point there will be a book coming out with all of those thoughts, wrestlings, reflections, and questions.