FamilyFire Blog: Joy VS Happiness

Thank you so muchf or coming to look at this blog on choosing Joy over happiness. I blog for a branch of my denomination called “FamilyFire” and they have taken ownership of this blog entry and so I have moved my thoughts and words over to them. I am deeply sorry for the inconvenience BUT all you need to do to read that blog is … Continue reading FamilyFire Blog: Joy VS Happiness

Radical Grace

I was taken aback by grace this week. For us we understand grace as unconditional forgiveness…which it is – but our unconditional forgiveness, our concept of grace, is bound up in more-often-than-not…US turning the corner and coming back to God! Right? For us grace is understood in the “oops” of the moment. We make a mistake, we acknowledge it, we seek forgiveness and we move … Continue reading Radical Grace