Isaiah 9:6 Jesus Christ, Our Mighty God

What does “Mighty God” mean to the people of Judah back in 700 BC? What does it mean for you and me in 2020? And ultimately, how is Jesus Christ our “Mighty God”? In today’s podcast we will dive into the meaning behind the word, the context for the people of Judah, and the truth that it’s still completely relevant today. Continue reading Isaiah 9:6 Jesus Christ, Our Mighty God

Psalm 13: Rest…From Me

One of the most harmful, and strongest feelings we can have is that of guilt. It weighs heavy on us, cripples us and, in our relationship with God, it can tell us lies that we have done something so bad that God has washed his hands of us. In today’s podcast we’ll look at Psalm 13, David’s feelings and emotions, and the power that guilt can have on a believer in telling us lie that God is done with us. Continue reading Psalm 13: Rest…From Me