Matthew 28:16-20 Statement of Belief

What is it that you believe? It’s kind of an important question as we take that answer that is given and use it to formulate an understanding of someone. And in today’s podcast we look at that question and try to answer what is a “belief statement” and how the Apostles Creed (and The Great Commission) are beautiful starting points. Continue reading Matthew 28:16-20 Statement of Belief

Acts 10:34-43 Relinquishing Death

Why is it that we, as Christians, declare the hope and truth of Easter and the glory that awaits us for what Christ has done – and yet we’re so afraid of the step to get there: death. In today’s podcast we’ll look at some of these things and be reminded of the hope we have and the very reason we can, and should, relinquish death. Continue reading Acts 10:34-43 Relinquishing Death