Amos 5:18-6:14 The Day of Yahweh

In this podcast we look at Amos’ words to the people of God who longed for God to return. A people who were used to God intervening and coming when his enemies were attacking him they wanted that again. But what happens when you actually get what you want and yet you don’t realize what you really had asked for? What you get… is the “Day of Yahweh” Continue reading Amos 5:18-6:14 The Day of Yahweh

Amos 4 – The God Who Acts

The people of God had become reckless and careless with not only one another but in their worship of Him…and never did they care. Even with God’s relentless actions in their lives (through “natural” actions (wind, rain, floods, etc but also by sending prophets) the people never responded. In today’s podcast we look at what the sins of the people had become and the reminder that God DOES act – and he still has been acting to this day. Continue reading Amos 4 – The God Who Acts