Radical Grace

I was taken aback by grace this week. For us we understand grace as unconditional forgiveness…which it is – but our unconditional forgiveness, our concept of grace, is bound up in more-often-than-not…US turning the corner and coming back to God! Right? For us grace is understood in the “oops” of the moment. We make a mistake, we acknowledge it, we seek forgiveness and we move … Continue reading Radical Grace

Psalm 51: A Psalm of Sin and Forgiveness

First Off…read Psalm 51! Our psalm today reflects an emotional plea from someone who gets it. Someone who knows what life is all about. An emotional crying out from a man who is reflecting on a recent past that was full of deceit, lies, adultery, and eventually murder (you can find that here in 2 Sam 11). A man after our own heart…someone we can … Continue reading Psalm 51: A Psalm of Sin and Forgiveness

Psalm 38: Finding Rest in Forgiveness

First Off…read Psalm 38! One of the internet sensations right now is animal-shaming. The owner comes home and sees that their beloved family member (a dog or a cat…usually a dog) has utterly destroyed the home. The couch is ripped up, pillows have had their innards pulled out, the walls have been chewed on and scratched up, shoes have been destroyed, and it simply looks … Continue reading Psalm 38: Finding Rest in Forgiveness

Psalm 35: Praying for Persecutors

First Off…read Psalm 35! This psalm is broken up into 3 sections or parts (1-10; 11-18; 19-28) with each part moving closer along in the lament as to what is happening and the request for God to deliver the author from such hate. The reason? It’s simply not justified. The words and actions of those surrounding the author are without cause (and in this case … Continue reading Psalm 35: Praying for Persecutors