Psalm 118 – The Enduring Love of God

We are now in the season of Lent and this year I am doing something a little different. Instead of focusing on texts leading up to the last week of Christ or something of that nature, this year I am reflecting on songs. Songs that speak of who Christ is and what he has done for creation. And so this podcast, since it’s Palm Sunday, … Continue reading Psalm 118 – The Enduring Love of God

Day 7: The Resurrection

Our final day, in this 2018 Lenten Passion Week series, finds us as the empty tomb (Mark 16:1-8). Mary Magadalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome have come to the grave to anoint, and weep…but they are in for a huge reality check. Here is the cross direction we did for Easter. The purple still runs throughout the series….but now we add the perfect … Continue reading Day 7: The Resurrection

Day 3: An Intentional Meeting

The parables Jesus gives were often times completely missed by his own disciples…and yet the parable he gives here in Mark 12:1-12 to the chief priests, teachers of the law, and elders…they completely got it! And yet…I don’t think they did. They did what the parable said they would do and yet God did exactly what he said he would do too. Continue reading Day 3: An Intentional Meeting