Psalm 13: Rest…From Me

One of the most harmful, and strongest feelings we can have is that of guilt. It weighs heavy on us, cripples us and, in our relationship with God, it can tell us lies that we have done something so bad that God has washed his hands of us. In today’s podcast we’ll look at Psalm 13, David’s feelings and emotions, and the power that guilt can have on a believer in telling us lie that God is done with us. Continue reading Psalm 13: Rest…From Me

Psalm 13: The Wrestling Mind

First Off…read Psalm 13! When I read this psalm I personally am drawn to the opening 2 verses. This feeling of pain and sorrow and confusion…longing for the Lord to answer, respond…DO SOMETHING! And because they are waiting without a response – the worst thing happens: their mind begins to wander and go to assumptions. They begin wrestling with their own thoughts, their imagination, their … Continue reading Psalm 13: The Wrestling Mind